About Quellebelle™


Quellebelle sources custom-printed fabric from the country that has made the world’s best silk for thousands of years: China. The shop currently stocks scarves in crepe de chine and dupioni. The crepe de chine has a smooth sheen, and is incredibly soft and wonderfully drapey. The dupioni is a little crisper, glossy, and substantial; the occasional slubs in the fabric give it a distinctive character. Both silks feel wonderful on the skin and their colors are rich and permanent. Stitching and finishing are all done in my studio.


The designs for these artisan silk scarves are exclusive to Quellebelle. Originally derived from photographic images, they vary in style from utterly abstract to painterly to pop art. The layout is a single, unified design, which allows for a variety of different looks, depending on how the scarf is worn. There is no wrong side!

FAQs [more to come]

What’s up with the name “Quellebelle?”
What are crepe de chine and dupioni?


I’m Nina Tovish, creator of Quellebelle™ and owner of the company Something Beautiful LLC.

My career has included work in business communications, graphic and interactive design, and photography. Since turning my hand to textile design, I’ve fallen in love with this wonderful medium: so practical, so stylish, so sensual. It’s tremendously rewarding to make physical products that bring beauty and pleasure into other people’s lives.

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